Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning

Action! Professional cleaning is not 500 UAH., And only 300 USD.

Professional teeth cleaning is required before undertaking dental treatment, implant, orthodontic treatment, prosthetics and bleaching. After the procedure significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth, which helps extend the life of treatments, fillings, orthopedic and orthodontic appliances. Also less chance of infection. Hygiene after tooth color is a few shades lighter and becomes a natural shine. This procedure can be done by both children and adults. It is absolutely painless and harmless.

Professional teeth cleaning is carried out in two stages:

The first stage of cleaning – is the removal of hard dental deposits (stones) and plaque from the teeth. It uses ultrasound, which removes plaque without damaging the enamel. If necessary, this step is performed under local anesthesia.

The next step is grinding of the teeth, this used rubber brushes and abrasive pastes. Next, the polished surface of the teeth. Upon completion of the procedure is applied to the tooth surface treatment composition, which helps strengthen tooth enamel and provides extra protection against tooth decay.
Professional cleaning with the use of AIR FLOW includes another third phase, which helps to remove soft plaque formed under the influence of food colors (coffee, tea, cigarettes). Jet spray, which contains water, powder, sodium bicarbonate under pressure is directed to the teeth, removing plaque, even in hard to reach areas, such as the contact surface of the teeth below the gumline and in fissures. After dental treatment unit AIR-FLOW mouth a feeling of freshness.

Professional cleaning of the oral cavity should be carried out once or twice a year, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

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