Let your breath smells fresh, or how to deal with bad breath.


Bad breath – this discomfort, embarrassment, oppression, enslavement. This problem is known to many, it affects the quality of life and communication, on people’s opinion of you. We will help you to understand the cause of the odor and eliminate this nuisance once and for all.


The main causes of bad breath, inherent in the oral cavity:


– Dryness of the mouth. Excitement, long talk, hunger, old age – it’s one of the many factors that cause dry mouth. The smell in the mouth because of the dryness caused by a lack of saliva that destroys bacteria.


– Lack of oral hygiene. Poorly polished interdental spaces, tongue, gums – leftover food, decaying under the influence of bacteria can cause not only an unpleasant smell, but also more serious diseases of the mouth.


– Diseases of the teeth and gums. Caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease are one of the major causes of bad breath. In Cavities accumulates a large number of anaerobic bacteria and food debris. These cavities hardly cleaned with conventional care, which accounts for the high stability of the disease. The same applies to periodontitis – microbes actively proliferate under the gum line, causing the sulfur smell.


– Tartar and plaque. In plaque contains a large number of bacteria that multiply actively in the process of their life contribute to an unpleasant odor.


– Wearing dentures. First, the smell will be absorbed polymer prosthesis Foundations, second, food particles can remain prostheses and rot there, exuding “flavors.”


No win situation – it concerns the problem of bad breath, there are effective methods of dealing with each of its causes, as the main problem – not disguise or temporarily eliminate odor, namely to eliminate the cause.


The main methods of dealing with bad breath:


– When dry mouth. The oral cavity is damp. Saliva helps cleanse the mouth, because it contains natural antibacterial composition. If a person has a lot to say (because of his professional activities, or for other reasons), the dryness of the mouth occurs. Try to rinse frequently, or at least hold his tongue over your teeth – it also helps in disposing of the bad smell.


– In case of insufficient hygiene. Dental cleaning should be done with a toothbrush and floss (dental floss) to remove plaque and food particles from the teeth. Brush your teeth you need at least 2 minutes, and tongue cleaning should be mandatory daily procedure. This not only helps to eliminate odors, but also reduces the total number of bacteria in the mouth, which is a positive effect on the health of periodontal tissues. If periodontal disease is diagnosed, it is necessary to begin to use the special oral irrigator for more effective removal of infected mass and food residues from the periodontal pockets. In addition, these irrigators will help get rid of dry mouth. Equal attention should be given to the sky and gums, gently massaging and cleaning them with a toothbrush.


– Diseases of the teeth and gums. In this situation, the Council can only be one – please refer to the highly professional dentist. Specialists of our clinic could cope with all the diseases of the teeth and gums, which will allow you to never come back to the problem of bad breath, and avoid even more unpleasant consequences of diseases of the teeth and gums.


– When tartar and plaque. This problem will eliminate dental hygienist, having a professional cleaning of the oral cavity, which can save you not only the odor, but also visually enhance your smile, and serve as a preventive for many dental diseases. Hygiene such must hold an average of once every three months – this will allow you not to return to the issue of bad breath because of tartar and plaque.


– If you wear dentures. The most important thing in this case – Hygiene. Dentures should be cleaned in the same way as natural teeth. At night, the prosthesis is removed and carefully placed in a disinfecting solution, and during the day it is advisable to rinse your mouth to get rid of food particles that can clog a prosthesis.


All these tips on oral care products to help you in the fight against bad breath and the inconvenience that it causes, to become more open, do not be shy and do not be afraid of close contact. We wish you light and fresh breath. Your clinic “Eksellayn Medical”.


Victoria Brick