What is the Lumineers and how they differ from ordinary veneers?

Lumineers are thin ceramic wall plates, which are attached to the front side of the front teeth with a special cement. The thickness of the lenses are to the eye and therefore does not require cutting of the tooth for attachment. This is a fundamental difference from the LUMINEERS veneers. These designs are just glued to the live enamel and can achieve a beautiful smile without damage to the teeth. Also they can be stuck to any surface: the crown, to the seal, as well as directly to the dentin (the tissue that is under the tooth enamel).

Lumineers are made by a unique technology of heavy-duty porcelain, the hardness of which the efforts of the crystals, so they are up to ten times thinner than conventional veneers – the thickness of only 0.2 mm. It is this property of the need for dissecting enamel disappears. Due to the high strength of the material service life of at least 20 years.

Lumineers can hide any defects of teeth color. After all, we know that pulpless teeth (denervated) change color, and sometimes look very dark. Lumineers have varying opacity, that is, the degree of transparency (0%, 25%, 50% and 100%). If the tooth is very dark, Lumineers selected 100% opacity. In this way, even when facing the small thickness of the plate is possible to achieve such a mask defect. Conventional veneers with facing to the dead and blackened teeth set in general can not, since the turning of micro-cracks occur in the enamel of the already fragile dead teeth will decay faster. Earlier dead darkened teeth covered crowns. Now, thanks to the installation procedure LUMINEERS crowns in most cases you can not rush.

Recommended if you have observed:

  • light “curve” of the dentition;
  • interdental gap (diastema), chipped, cracked;
  • “Variegated” teeth;
  • yellowish color of the enamel, discoloration, spots;
  • other minor defects.

Contraindications: Not in all cases, Lumineers are available and enabled.

Not recommended for patients with:

  • caries (Lumineers set only to healthy teeth, so before installing go to a dentist);
  • gum disease;
  • significantly crooked dentition;
  • bits of the “old” model of the upper front teeth (a correction bits by “Hollywood” reference)
  • when there has been a tendency to gnashing of teeth (for scientific – Bruxism)

Health and beauty are always appreciated, so worth the effort and expense of dental aesthetics repaid with interest. The smile tells more about you than a thousand words.

A Lumineers can even turn the most ordinary to the dazzling smile. Only two to see a doctor – and the result on the face.