Valery K. Stoyanov – a doctor of sports medicine, manual therapist, instructor of physical therapy.

Program treatment of posture and scoliosis
Scoliosis is the first among diseases of the spine, and today, every second student suffering from this disease. We are pleased to inform all parents that our database under the guidance of sports medicine physician Valery Konstantinovich Stoyanova, successful program for treatment of posture and scoliosis. The program includes group classes and individual physiotherapy and corrective massage courses. In the classroom for physical therapy child performs exercises to develop and strengthen the muscular system, the development of flexibility and mobility of the spine. Thanks to a course of massage eliminates the effects of scoliosis, muscle spasms and pain, increased muscle tone back. For faster results physiotherapy combined with a course of corrective massage.
The main effects of the treatment are the formation of the child’s correct posture, strengthen the back muscles, improve blood circulation, increase the overall tone of the child’s body.