Everyone wants to look successful and attractive. Beautiful white teeth – is not only a sign of good health, but also an element of culture, a symbol of prosperity and success. Unfortunately, not all of nature gave bright teeth. In this case, to the aid of different methods of bleaching. In our clinic, we can offer you a variety of options for whitening: the American system ZOOM 3, Opalescence, the Spanish system YOTUEL, and if necessary, intracanal bleaching.

One of these procedures is a whitening procedure ZOOM3.

Before whitening procedure is necessary to remove plaque (a professional oral hygiene) and treat tooth decay!

What is the procedure of bleaching ZOOM3?

  • Please provide a thorough isolation of soft tissue of the mouth and face, to prevent entry of active substances.
  • Then the teeth are covered with special preparations that contain minerals (calcium fluoride). These substances penetrate the hard tissue of teeth, preventing the occurrence of hypersensitivity, which in rare cases can occur after the bleaching.
  • After that, the company applied to the teeth gel, which includes hydrogen peroxide and special svetoaktiviruemy catalyst.
  • Stationary lamp which emits light of a specific wavelength, is set so that the light output covers both the upper and lower teeth.