Dental tourism

Dental tourism – is a convenient solution for patients. This is an opportunity to combine “business with pleasure.” Residents of large cities can be difficult to find the time necessary for complete dental treatment. Often, because of the tight schedule of a set of procedures have to interrupt briefly, doing therapy on a case by case basis. Smile-decoration of each person. But unfortunately our teeth are not always in perfect condition. To this effect a lot: dental hygiene, heredity, nutrition, and other secondary factors. In the maelstrom of daily cares for a beautiful smile just do not have the time, so we suggest you contact the dentist during the holidays. Combining a pleasant impression of change in environment and health benefits, dental tours have another advantage over dental treatment close to home. Services of a dentist would cost an order of magnitude cheaper. In Europe, a common form of recreation for many decades. Every year tens of thousands of Europeans every year go to the reception to the dentist in another town or a neighboring country and spend their holidays there.

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Tours to our clinic will help you achieve the best results in the shortest line. A professional team will take care of our clinic patients since their arrival. The medical staff of our clinic is ready to work of any complexity in all areas of dentistry. “Eksellayn Medical” will give you a range of mediation services. The package includes: the purchase of tickets, arrival / departure, airport transfers, hotel accommodation (in a close location of our clinic), which will help you feel comfortable during the treatment period.

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We are proud of the quality of their work and give the patient long-term warranty, so we do not have to spend on advertising – because people will come back to us and send their friends and acquaintances. Dental tours to Odessa to help you not only get rid of health problems, but also to gain new experiences, take a walk around the city, will join the Odessa culture and enjoy the unique flavor of our city!

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We guarantee – pleasant memories and beautiful smile will stay with you for life!

In addition to present useful information for football fans. Now there are last-minute preparations for the championship Euro-2012. What sways placing teams participating in all matters agreed upon. Representatives of the teams chose one of the Ukrainian cities, where it will live and train at the time of the composition of the final part of the championship. Recently it became known that England and Denmark in the event of the European Championship finals in 2012, will stop in Odessa. Training will be conducted on the basis of football in the Sauvignon and the new stadium “Chernomorets”.

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