Dear visitors of our site! Are pleased to inform you that the blade of the American dental and aesthetic medicine Excelline Dental Group has significantly expanded the range of services. Taking responsibility for your health, we offer the following services:

  • Restoration and fillings – this section provides guidance for those who want to maintain the health of teeth with the timely prevention of dental caries
  • Dental prosthetics – here, detailed information on the methods and materials for the installation of durable dentures
  • Teeth Whitening – in this section you will find the modern, safe and painless method of bleaching with various degrees of darkening of enamel
  • Dental Implants – in this section you will learn how to restore the natural look of damaged / removed teeth and get a beautiful smile with dental implants
  • Children’s dental services – this section provides helpful information for parents about the need for treatment of primary teeth and dental characteristics in children
  • Oral health – in this section you will learn how you can avoid tooth decay and periodontal disease by professional oral hygiene
  • Root canal treatment – in this section you will learn about the possibilities of the modern treatment of root canals, which will help keep your teeth and do not delete
  • Treatment of periodontitis – This section contains detailed information about the features of the treatment of various diseases of the gums
  • Orthodontics – here you will learn how to make your teeth straight and your smile beautiful with advanced capabilities in orthodontics
  • Surgery – here we will tell you about our services in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as to meet our surgeons

Special offer for practicing dentists who wish to improve their knowledge in the field of dental implants and dental surgery. On the basis of our clinic operates Department of Odessa State Medical University, and the completion of the course will receive a certificate of national standard.

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