Pediatric dentistry

Dental treatment of the child – a very serious and important task. Many adults underestimate the problem. But the treatment of primary teeth can not be postponed “until later.”

Are often faced with the stereotype that the treated teeth – a task secondary. They say, fall out, and spend their time and money does not make sense. And meanwhile, launched a tooth, or the failure to treat stomatitis in a child can lead to undesirable consequences. A striking example – a simple decay. Discomfort, painful condition baby while eating leads to failure of the child from the harsh and very wholesome food. The child refuses meat, apples, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables, which irritate the tooth during chewing and cause a painful condition of the gums. Meanwhile, the tough need child nutrition, as when chewing hard food is self-cleaning of the tooth from plaque, remnants of soft food, as well as strengthening the dental unit by increasing the blood flow in periodontitis (a complex of tissues surrounding the tooth).

24Complication of tooth (pulpitis, periodontitis) can lead to complete loss of teeth, which often leads to contact the surgeon about removing baby tooth. It is important to remember that this is not desirable to be premature. Lack of milk tooth in this case leads to disruption of a full chewing, which can lead to stomach disorders, poor absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the digestive tract, as well as breach of pronunciation. Later, when a permanent tooth may distort the bite, as a baby tooth to hold space for permanent teeth, and promotes normal growth of the jaw. The same rules are relevant in the treatment of stomatitis, pulpit and other diseases.



Clinic “Excelline” is also children’s dental clinic. We encourage parents to monitor their children’s teeth, and in time to take care of stomatitis, dental caries and other diseases. The main focus of the work we do with kids on prevention. For reference, in European clinics due to prevention have extremely low caries incidence – 12 years children have fillings 1.2, we have, for 12 years, we have a lot of seals, pulpitis, periodontitis (ie, it’s teeth with a remote nerve, the tooth becomes brittle). Prevention, we were able to turn into an interesting and “delicious” process. Yes, it was delicious, as we have in the arsenal of delicious sweet polishing paste, sweet mousse for a home of caries prevention, reminiscent of the taste of chewing gum, or yoghurt with strawberry, melon…

In general, the process of treating a child like our game. Our communication begins with a 20-30 minute dating. The most important thing to establish a psychological contact, to inspire confidence in a young patient to the doctor, to interest him. At this time we ride on the “magic chair” look a little book about a magical children’s teeth, bacteria, tooth fairy … We explain the basics of hygiene. Acquainted with our good helpers: a frog, bee, elephant, sunny bunny … It is, accordingly, saliva ejector, a turbine and a mechanical lugs, a lamp to illuminate the oral cavity, etc. The children eagerly come into contact with all the “good friends” and use them to heroically defeat microbes.


Each step is carried slowly, so as not to cause the child’s fear of discomfort. On the addictive game, each kid is given as much time as necessary. The first time it is 20-40 minutes of talks, games, and 5-10 minutes of work. Sometimes, the child should be 2-3 times to meet with the doctor to get used to it and to the office, and only 3-4 times we begin full operation. But then our children – is the most grateful patients, they will gladly come to us again, trust the physician and are even willing to bravely endure the unpleasant moments. We have become friends with them, and follow-up treatment takes a few minutes.

Our professionals have extensive experience in dealing with children, as well as the best equipment and advanced methods of treatment. All this helps to reduce pain sensation to a minimum. The complex of services is very broad: the treatment of dental caries in children, bite correction, removal of teeth and much more.

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