Root canal treatment

Endodontistry is the area of dentistry dealing with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the root canal tooth (pulp). Highest qualification of the doctor-endodontist and unprecedented facilities clinic with modern equipment and materials safely and effectively solve complex clinical problems and keep your teeth, which in another clinic, you may be asked to remove it. The clinic Excelline Dental Group is held:

  • Treatment of cysts and granulomas by a special technique with full warranty
  • retreatment teeth, poorly disinfected before
  • dental treatment with a rugged channels
  • sound preparation for dental prosthetics pulpitis

Treatment of pulpitis


Carious cavity was not detected in time, or the process of destruction was fleeting, and that the tooth begins to rapidly respond to temperature stimuli. This means that we are dealing with a complication of tooth decay, when the infection occurred neurovascular bundle (pulp) inside the tooth. Most often this is accompanied by pain, although common and asymptomatic chronic pulpitis. Treatment of pulpitis is killing and removing the pulp, mechanical and medical treatment of canals and fillings. Machining of the channel – the formation of the anatomy of the channel, necessary for its high-quality sealing. Drug treatment of the channel – remove remnants of high-quality pulp to prevent the processes of its disintegration after the sealing of the channel. When sealing the channels in our clinics used two techniques:

  • method of lateral condensation using gutta-percha pins
  • canal filling with termaflow

Earlier in dentistry for killing the nerve is widely used arsenic. Now arsenical pastes are used for limited indications. Treatment of pulpitis is usually done in two visits:

  • mechanical and drug treatment and filling of channels with the production of temporary filling
  • in the absence of pain and inflammation – setting a permanent filling or crown of the tooth restoration

Treatment of periodontitis


Periodontitis is an inflammation of the periodontal tissues surrounding the tooth. The main symptom is pain after bite. Periodontitis is caused by poor sealing of channels, for example, when you do not have completely removed the remnants of the pulp, and the infection has spread beyond the tooth. Need emergency treatment because inflammation can lead to the formation of cysts or cause another complication – periostitis, an inflammation of the jaw bone.


For the treatment of periodontitis and small cysts are using special therapeutic paste which sealed a channel with breeding for “top” of the tooth root. In more severe cases have to remove the cyst surgically, sometimes even removing the damaged part of the root of the tooth (cyctotomia with resection of the root apex). Therapeutic treatment of periodontitis is usually done in 3-4 visits. Sometimes a challenge is retreatment channels, especially if they were previously were filled by obsolete technology – cement or rezorcin-formalin method. Sometimes a single visit can retreat only one or two channels.


Information for pregnant women

Treatment of root canals can be performed during pregnancy. Our experts will approach with caution on this issue. The most difficult period is the first trimester when the fetus is formed. During this period, the use of anesthesia should take special control. In subsequent periods apply standard methods of root canal treatment of teeth during pregnancy.

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