Teeth Whitening

Every person wants to look attractive and successful. Beautiful white teeth is not only a sign of good health, but also an element of culture, a symbol of wealth and prosperity. But, unfortunately, not all the teeth nature gave light. In this case, to the aid of various methods of bleaching. In our clinic, we can offer you different options for whitening: the American system ZOOM 3,Opalescencethe Spanish system YOTUEL, and if necessary, intracanal bleaching.

One of these procedures is whitening procedure ZOOM3.

Before the procedure, whitening should remove plaque (a professional oral hygiene) and to cure tooth decay! 

What is the whitening procedure ZOOM3?


  • First, provide a thorough isolation of the soft tissues of the oral cavity and skin, to prevent the active substances.
  • Then the teeth are covered by special preparations that contain minerals (calcium fluoride). These chemicals penetrate into the hard tissues of the teeth, preventing the occurrence of hypersensitivity, which in rare cases may occur after the whitening procedure.
  • After this is applied to the teeth firm gel, which includes hydrogen peroxide and a special lightactive catalyst.
  • Steady-state lamp that emits light of specific wavelength, is positioned so that the light output covers both the upper and lower teeth.


Whitening procedure lasts from one hour to two. A positive result is seen immediately after the procedure!
Within 48 hours after bleaching is necessary to observe the so-called transparent diet, avoid painting products: tea, coffee, juice, red wine, chocolate, fruit, ketchup and other colorful products. Do not smoke.

In order to maintain the acquired white teeth after the whitening procedure as long as possible, strict adherence to physician recommendations, at least 2 times a year to come for a visit, conduct professional oral hygiene.

By changing its appearance, we become more beautiful, more attractive, feel better about themselves, and as a result of good luck accompanies us in all cases.

The American system of Opalescence


Opalescence – Whitening System, was approved by ADA (American Dental Association), is a colorless, viscous gel based on carbamide peroxide of various concentrations (10%, 15%, 20%), with the possible addition of fluoride ions (Opalescence F) and ion and potassium fluoride (Opalescence PF) for the prevention of tooth sensitivity.

Indications: the patient’s aesthetic requirements, teeth whitening, from the reception faded coloring products, color change, caused by various factors (dental fluorosis, jaundice, tetracycline stains, etc.)

Opalescence is also used to whiten teeth after root canal treatment including intracanal bleaching in the dentist’s office.

Since the restoration filling materials can not be bleached, we recommend tooth whitening before the restoration work (after the whitening procedure is necessary to sustain an interval of two weeks).

General procedure usually takes about 60 minutes.

A distinctive feature of the system Opalescence is the length of achievable effect (up to 3 years), excellent adhesive properties, ease of use with the capacitor, made to order with the imprint of the patient’s dentition.


The concept of safe bleach YOTUEL


Security whitening has become a major new concept unique whitening complex YOTUEL (Spain, «Biocosmetic»). Currently, products YOTUEL used in 70 countries (Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Latin America, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine). Even today, assembled a large clinical experience, we have proved the absence of a negative effect on the microhardness and acid resistance of enamel.

This is achieved by using a unique patented formula whitening gel YOTUEL, containing various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. Apart from them in the gels YOTUEL necessarily include xylitol, potassium and fluorine.

Potassium ions prevent tooth sensitivity by blocking dentinal tubules of the enamel and strengthen it. Fluoride promotes the remineralization of enamel formation fluoride protective film on its surface. Xylitol inhibits the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms, promotes salivation, which is important to prevent dehydration of the teeth during the bleaching.

A feature of all gels YOTUEL is to provide a neutral pH environment throughout the whitening procedure that prevents the demineralization of enamel. The complex YOTUEL provides a safe and effective whitening. This system has no age contraindications, recommended with a history of tooth sensitivity.

Intracanal bleaching and its features


The essence of this procedure is to apply the bleaching gel in the crown of the tooth already had a root, that is subjected to treatment. Therefore, this type of whitening is also called intacrovn bleaching. It is used if the patient previously was incorrect root canal treatment, which resulted in a tooth has changed color.

Whitening gel is injected into a specially formed cavity of the tooth after removing the seals from him. It then sets a temporary seal for a period of several days to 1-2 weeks. During this time there is a tooth whitening from the inside. The course of bleaching can take from 1 to 3 visits, individually in each case. At the end of this period carried inspected the dentist: The doctor removes the drug and establishes a permanent seal.

Limitations to the use of this method is the presence of caries or colored filling material. Intracanal bleaching procedure is absolutely painless and very effective.

Effect after intracanal bleaching persists for a long time in the absence of staining of factors, subject to thorough oral hygiene and regular professional cleaning of teeth.

Information for pregnant women

The specialists of our clinic will advise you not to hurry and wait for delivery, after the successful completion of which you can spend a whitening procedure. If your dentist will recommend you to wait with teeth whitening before delivery, it is said that he is indeed important to your health, and he really cares about the health of the unborn child.

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