Prophylaxis and oral hygiene

According to the AHA (American Dental Association), professional oral hygiene on a regular basis the total population over 30 years, and so we all know what a Hollywood smile.

And when the last time you were at the dentist?

Whether you are a professional dental cleaning?

foto4_bProfessional oral hygiene – a set of measures that eliminate and prevent the development of caries and periodontal inflammation by removing all tartar. One of the methods of professional oral hygiene – skeling. Skeling – the first stage in any dental treatment. Ckelingpozvolyaet carefully and thoroughly clean all surfaces of the teeth, not only from the supragingival, and subgingival dental plaque.


Skelinga advantages:

  • the only effective method of prevention of periodontal disease and other gum diseases.
  • is comfortable (no pain) procedure.
  • feeling clean and external effect after skelinga so impressive that this procedure sometimes nazyvayutotbelivaniem.


Professional oral hygiene conducted at least once every 4-5 months, and I must say that in this procedure need everything, regardless of the age and condition of the teeth. Children often recommended fissure sealing to prevent caries in the natural tooth surface irregularities. The clinic is held Excelline skeling individual professionals – periodontist, hygienist, using:

  • ultrasonic scaler Amdent
  • hand tools company Hugh Fried (USA)
  • Polishing special fluoride toothpaste
  • Aer Flow apparatus (with a spray of water and soda removes plaque from tobacco, tea and coffee)

Professional dental hygiene will keep your teeth always remain not only the white and beautiful, but also radiant health.

One important task of the doctors of our clinic is to educate patients full care of their teeth, individual selection of hygiene care for your teeth and gums, advice on nutrition. Correct and regular dental care, timely preventive measures allow our patients to maintain the beauty and health of their teeth.

Information for pregnant
Experts recommend in the first weeks of pregnancy to contact the dentist to remove tartar and to plan follow-up to prevent periodontal disease, as well as talk about the importance of daily home care of the gums. Conduct prevention and oral health during pregnancy may even need!

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