Fixed dentures ixed to the teeth for an extended period of time. This single crowns or bridges (a few bits), which are mounted on healthy teeth (already had a root or alive) or implants. Fixed structures are made of different materials: metal, plastic and ceramics.

Metal (stamped) bits are set only in district hospitals or clinics, the military departments. “Gold” teeth long ago gone out of fashion and have no aesthetic. Plastic is only used for temporary crowns – the patient is wearing them for several days to several months, while in the dental laboratory to produce a permanent crown.

The most common material for crowns and bridges is the ceramics. Base-metal – cobalt-chromium alloy cladding of a strong and highly aesthetic ceramics. As a basis can be used much more expensive alloy containing gold and platinum – in common parlance is called “ceramic on gold.” All-Ceramics has the best performance. She is almost 2 times higher in price, as is made of high-tech and expensive equipment. It has high strength and aesthetics, bioinert (does not cause allergies) can not be oxidized, refraction similar to natural teeth. No doubt, non-removable dentures restore chewing function better than removable.

Dentures to justify its name as freely extracted from the mouth by the patient and inserted back. There are full- including all the teeth (when its no longer exists), and partial- compensatory defect in part of the dentition. Dentures are usually installed when the mouth is left of the teeth, which can serve as a basis for fixed structures, and there is no way for the implantation of medical or financial reasons. Removable dentures are divided: пластиночные и the laminar and clasp (arched or resting). . In the past much of the plastic denture bases replaced by a metal arch. Dentures are distinguished by their functional properties. Clasp dentures transmit masticatory forces, not only on the gums and jaw bone, but also on the abutment teeth by means of special devices — clamp. Removable plate denture rely only on the alveolar ridge, so they often have problems with the fixation of the mouth. In our clinic we can manufacture removable plate dentures made of nylon.

Crowns and Bridges


The most common way to replace missing teeth is a manufacturer of traditional, time-tested metal crowns. In our clinic we do not use low-grade ceramics, we only work with ceramics world leaders – and the firm Ivoclar and Ducera. Dental technicians with whom we cooperate by orthopedic surgeon is not the first year, trained in Germany. Coherence in the work of orthopedic technician is that the design of orthopedic placed exactly at the first fitting, and almost never requires correction. High skill and quality of medical technical work permit in most cases to make prosthetic teeth on live when working with metal-ceramic and all-ceramic with.

In our Excelline clinic we commonly use Excelline metal-free ceramics, because today is the most popular material for a VIP-class prosthetic restorations. In this paper we use ceramics “IPS Impress» (IPS Empress), Ivoclar, Germany or the firm’s Vintage Shofu, Japan. All-Ceramics – a high-strength molded ceramics, while the crown is composed entirely of one material. The main external difference – it is a natural luster of living teeth. This ceramic artists prefer because in the spotlight these teeth are indistinguishable from real teeth. In some cases, the crowns of all-ceramic is recommended to set the tabs are made as of the metal-free ceramics. Advantages of the tabs on the metal – the strength, the absence of oxidative processes and, consequently, longevity.

abs (microprosthetics)


With a slight fracture in posterior teeth is recommended, whenever possible, maintain dental tissue and instead of full crowns produce and install the tab. Of course, to restore the ruined portion of the tooth can be and with the help of modern filling material. And yet, the latest technology for a much longer service life and ultimate comfort is microprosthetics with tabs. If a tab made from high strength all-ceramic «IPS Empress», she absolutely will not differ from the surrounding tissues, and last much longer than conventional fillings. Ceramics «IPS Empress» has physical properties similar to tooth enamel, and therefore, particularly well received by patients.

Aesthetic restoration of teeth: Veneers

The concept of veneers (from the English. Veneers) came to us from the USA and means “plates.” In 30 years in Hollywood, actors are installed plastic lining on the front teeth to smile was dazzling. So the term “Hollywood smile”. Restoring aesthetic front teeth can be done with ceramic veneers – thin plates, which are firmly glued to the front teeth. Impeccable aesthetics provide non-metal ceramic «IPS Empress» German firm “Ivoklar.” Today, the veneers are made in two ways. Veneers are made from all-ceramic in the dental laboratory and then glued to The prepared teeth. These veneers are more durable. Veneers can be made “direct method” in one visit to the aesthetic of the composite material. This can make physician who specializes in aesthetic restorations.

A removable prosthesis

You can make splinting clasp with a metal frame and microlocs (it is durable, invisible, elegant, easy to use). Also often produce dentures of structural plastics German firm Ivoclar, which is characterized by durability and aesthetic appeal. The strength of dentures is limited, and the patient must use them wisely, for example, do not bite the bones, sugar, do not chew nuts. Dentures not sustain the load, and the practice of communicating with patients confirms this. It is believed that removable dentures can operate 4-5 years and then be replaced. But often there are times when you need an earlier replacement prosthesis, particularly in progressive atrophy (settling), gums and underlying bone. But sometimes patients use removable dentures for 8-10 years.

Prostheses of thermoplastic (nylon) – we offer you the best


We offer our patients the dentures from a thermoplastic (nylon)(nylon), devoid of metal, so patients already wearing dentures with a metal content does not appear discomfort associated with the ion exchange. So we protect their patients from all the possible diseases that accompany the process of replacement. Field of application and combination of these systems is so vast that our patients will be pleasantly surprised.

We offer our patients the prosthesis invisible – for their fixation, we use the alveolar-dental (invisible to the patient’s own tooth hooks) clamp. “Nonaggressive” method of prosthesis – does not require prior preparation and, consequently, the presence of metal structures, in most cases. Dentures are not able to break not only the patient but also any extreme circumstances that may arise in life. We can offer our patients with traumatic prosthetic professions, athletes, and do not worry about them later.


Nylon – the ideal solution for patients with allergies, since the material is completely devoid of residual monomer. Nylon has a stable dye that gives our dentures great aesthetic appearance, which is retained even after prolonged use. Material is absolutely non-hygroscopic, and therefore has no tendency to form in any micro-organisms. Prostheses have been successfully used as a partial replacement for defects and for the manufacture of complete dentures. Making dentures is by hot injection, so they have a precise fit and a stable fixation. Pricing Policy Clinic will allow you not to doubt the choice between conventional metal clasp designs and our nylon prostheses.

Information for pregnant women

All dentists who work with us are highly skilled professionals who have sufficient knowledge and experience. However, to work with pregnant women, we invite the most experienced, neat physicians who possess special skills and know how dental treatment to approach a woman who is pregnant. Experts consider the situation in which the patient, and in accordance with the selected methods and ways of installing dentures teeth, special tools for pain relief.

Doctors who work with pregnant women, to understand what drugs will make a safe anesthetic, which most X-ray equipment is safe for mother and her unborn baby.

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