The alignment of the teeth

ortOrthodontics (from the Greek. Orthos – even, right) – branch of dentistry that deals with correcting the bite and teeth alignment. To correct the bite, the following system: removable (plate, tray, elastopozitioners, trainers),fixed – bracket system (metal, ceramic, sapphire braces), and lingual. Malocclusion is the patient comfortable and painless, but it requires patience, because the desired result will be visible and noticeable only over time.

Orthodontic Center Excelline Dental Group uses the latest in American technology and methods of alignment of the teeth and bite. The center employs certified orthodontist, is constantly raising the level of qualification in the United States. We offer you all the famous and highly effective methods of correcting the bite, allkinds of braces: metal, ceramic, sapphire, plastic, polymer (clear braces), gold and lingual. It is also widely used in clinical treatment with clear aligners-aligners (an alternative to braces). For maximum comfort of our patients, as well as the best results, sometimes using a combined technique – kappa-braces.

In the performance alignment of the teeth with clear aligners. You can see for yourself. Take a look at the following photos of the dentition of patients BEFORE and AFTER the use of mouth guards:






Where appropriate, achieve results quickly, we use the method of orthodontic surgery, it allows almost three times to reduce the treatment time. Application of modern technologies gives a full guaranteed result. It does not matter how the problem was to treat the bite.

Using modern technology makes it possible to obtain the desired effect as quickly as possible, the most comfortable for the patient, imperceptibly. We will briefly acquaint you with the technology of the alignment of the teeth with clear aligners, as well as most known systems and types of braces:

1. A. Alignment of the method of aligners Excelline


American Dental Clinic Excelline Dental Group provides you with a unique technology for the alignment of the teeth with clear aligners. The technology was developed by doctors Excelline orthodontists Excelline Corporation in the United States, as an alternative to braces. Used for the treatment of transparent silicone aligner thickness of 1 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.6 mm. The material used is made in the USA specifically for corporations Excelline and different from all the analogies in thickness, elasticity and springy properties.


Kappa is removable, so it must be removed for eating and brushing. This allows you to brush your teeth properly, and avoid tooth decay and gingivitis. Kappa is almost imperceptible when talking and smiling, and the alignment process is invisible to others. Kappa is very comfortable, they just follow the contours of your teeth and gums, and do not create unpleasant sensations in the mouth. High aesthetic aligners, their comfort and efficiency – these are the main advantages of our technology to the brackets. Duration of treatment ranging from 4 months to 2.5 years, depending on the degree of pathology and the patient’s age.

When you first visit the doctor removes the prints from the patient’s dentition, and also made additional studies (x-ray cephalographia, etc.). Then, print cast models, which are scanned by a 3-D scanner, and the information is entered into the computer. Orthodontist with a special program determines the duration of treatment, as well as produces a phased plan of treatment. A day after taking the patient receives the first aligner. Then every 2-3 weeks the patient comes for a new aligner undergoes activation (increased exposure to offsetable teeth). In the final stage of treatment the patient receives aretainer-aligner which is the fixing and reinforces achieved results. The process of retention- stabilization of teeth in the new place last from six months to 2 years, depending on the age of the patient during this period the patient wears a aligner according by special individual schedule.
For patients

To achieve the most effective results you must perform the following instructions:

  • Kappa is worn around the clock – 24 hours a day
  • Before eating kappa removed and worn at the end of a meal
  • Kappa is removed for cleaning teeth. It is recommended to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day – morning and evening. At the same time it is recommended to clean the aligner
  • After each meal is recommended to rinse your mouth with water, you can brush your teeth
  • Every 2 to 3 weeks you get a new aligner
  • Perhaps the first day of kappa is not fully dressed. Remember that during the day Kappa will take the right position
  • In the first days after receipt of the tray may feel pressure in the teeth moved
  • If the symptom of pain is significant, it is recommended the first night of sleep without caps. Age contraindications – NO.

2. The alignment of the teeth using braces


Braces (brackets) are non-removable devices, adjusting the position of the teeth with malocclusion. Are a series of locks, which are glued with a special dental adhesive (bond) to the outer or inner surface of the teeth.Bracket has a groove, which is hard orthodontic arch, or arch, has a “shape memory” (alloy of nickel and titanium). The resistance of the arc when it is bent to a curved jaw – a force that is slowly but steadily evens series of dental braces for orthodontic treatment.

Metal Braces
Metal braces or correct bracket system – a non-removable orthodontic device, the main elements of which are actually “braces” (a kind of locks, which are glued to each tooth with a special material) and a metal arc, combining braces and teeth in a single system. As part of the system may be extras – various ligatures, rings, etc. The apparatus used for the correction of functional and aesthetic dental system disorders, such as malocclusion and malposition of the teeth.

Ceramic braces
Ceramic braces are made of porcelain and are more aesthetic and comfortable during treatment compared to metal counterparts. Ceramic braces are securely fixed to the enamel surface, resistant to food dyes and practically merge with a touch of natural teeth.

Sapphire braces


Sapphire braces are made of pure monocrystalline sapphire (usually artificial), which has high transparency. These braces are aesthetic, durable and hygienic, as they almost did not accumulate plaque.

Types and classification of braces::

Most popular brands are divided into:

Several manufacturers that produce sapphire and ceramic brackets (according to the Association Reiter).


  • Damon (several versions)
  • BioQuick
  • STB
  • Incognito
  • QuicKlear
  • Inspire Ice
  • Smart clip

Bracket on the materials can be:

  • Metal (titanium, nickel-titanium)
  • Ceramic
  • Combined (mixture of materials such as plastic and metal)
  • Sapphire
  • Plastic
  • Polymer (clear braces)
  • Golden


The outcome of treatment is not affected, but different cosmetic effect and the course of treatment.

According to the location on the tooth are distinguished:

  • External (vestibular) – can be seen on the teeth.
  • The internal (lingual) braces – are located inside to hide the fact that orthodontic treatment from others.

By the method of linking the arc with the brackets:

  • Self-ligating
  • classical

For the duration of treatment:

  • Short duration
  • The average duration
  • Long duration

For therapeutic effect:

  • With a positive therapeutic effect
  • With a partial therapeutic effect
  • No therapeutic effect

To remove the distinction:

  • Braces treatment that requires to remove the teeth.
  • Braces treatment that is possible without removing teeth.


No matter the methods of alignment and bite all orthodontic treatment is divided into stages:


  • Diagnostic – X-ray examination is performed, the removal of casts and a diagnostic measure, determined the tactics, goals and objectives of treatment, selected the necessary equipment.
  • Preparatory – treatment of dental caries, dental plaque removal, if necessary – surgical procedures, plastic bridles, extractions, etc.
  • The main – set of orthodontic appliances and their relation to the achievement of desired results.
  • Retention – Consolidation of the results of treatment with special equipment. Once the teeth have taken the right position, braces (kappa) and be sure to remove the installed retention devices (or retention kappa), which is required to ensure that teeth are not returned to its original position. Retention devices almost unnoticeable.

The treatment is absolutely painless, the treatment period of 1-2 years. But remember that beautiful smile – is the result of the whole team. And one of the players – it is up to you. Treatment outcome will largely depend on your cooperation. The more your efforts will be, the better the result. The road to a beautiful smile is often long. But if you follow the instructions that come on a regular check-ups to the doctor, and put their own efforts, the goal will be achieved faster, and you’ll be proud of the result!

Information for pregnant women
The alignment of the teeth during pregnancy could and should do. One condition – a survey (radiographs) should be made before pregnancy. There are no contraindications to wear braces or transparent aligners during pregnancy is not. If the nerves are removed, you need to see how the treated teeth and make the right decision. If the teeth are treated properly, even without the nerves are susceptible to displacement.

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